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Learn about the TensorWorks team and the values that drive us.

Mission Statement

TensorWorks provides tools and services that empower our customers to work more effectively and to undertake previously infeasible projects that advance the state-of-the-art. We service customers across a broad range of creative and technical industries, as well as in research and academia.

To achieve this vision, we identify problem domains that align with our core values and represent opportunities for us to solve interesting problems whose solutions represent a meaningful contribution to an identified customer base and to the world around us.

Core Values

These are the core values that we hold as a company. Our values inform our mission statement and guide all of our decision making processes.


We value the ability to define our own direction and to choose the work we do. This choice is enabled by a foundation of personal and organisational stability, and by financial security. Autonomy is the primary motivating factor for running our own business instead of simply working for existing companies.


We value continuous improvement within all aspects of our company, and the personal growth of all employees. We are ambitious and driven, dedicated to lifelong learning and to elevating ourselves to ever greater heights.


We value intellectual curiosity and the inherent desire for challenge and variety that it entails. We strive to choose work that sates our thirst for knowledge and actively engages our enthusiasm and passion for creative problem solving.


We value the human bonds between our employees, and strive to foster a culture of teamwork, loyalty and friendship. We are inclusive and accepting of all who share these core values, and acknowledge that diversity breeds robustness and innovation in both thought and action. We value collaboration with external parties who share our values and seek to establish and maintain such connections wherever possible.


We value meaningful contribution to the world around us, and seek challenges that provide an opportunity to make the world a better place. Through the application of science and the development of tools to empower others, we can and will make a difference.


We value open and honest communication, and strive to disseminate the results of our work with the broader community whenever possible. Knowledge should be shared openly and freely for the benefit of humanity.


We value the health and happiness of our employees, and we all strive to maintain a healthy balance in our lives. We always remember that work is only one part of a greater whole, and a means that should never overshadow its ends.


We value logical and reasoned thinking, prudent planning, and informed decision making based on concrete data. We are guided by the discipline and empiricism of the scientific method.

Executive Team

Adam Rehn

BInfTech (Hons), PhD, MACS

Adam is the world's foremost expert on Unreal Engine containers, the maintainer of the Unreal Containers community hub and the Unreal Engine For Research initiative, and the creator of projects including ue4-docker, ue4cli and conan-ue4cli. He specialises in automation, tooling and infrastructure, with a focus on cloud native technologies. Adam received his PhD in Information Technology from James Cook University in 2017.

Aidan Possemiers

BInfTech (Hons), AACS

Aidan put his PhD in "AI-based Signal Processing and Compression" down to pursue his real passion: pushing boundaries in interactive rendering and low latency video streaming. His prolific contributions to the Unreal Engine's Encoding and Decoding plugins and RHIs have made significant improvements to Codec SDK and RHI synchronisation—minimizing stream latency. This work builds upon his existing expertise in Graphics APIs, Computational Geometry, GPU Acceleration, Video Codecs and Neural Networks. In his spare time, he likes to ponder how AI systems like frame generation might help solve the limitations with low latency XR streaming while sipping Mai Tai's on the beach.

Luke Bermingham

BInfTech (Hons), PhD

Luke specialises in cloud streaming, Unreal Engine, and WebRTC. He contributes heavily to Epic Games' Pixel Streaming plugin, has presented talks about Pixel Streaming at Unreal Fest, invented novel algorithms, and shipped massively scalable multiplayer video games. Outside of software development, Luke is passionate about business: organising teams, projects, and personnel. Luke received his PhD in Information Technology from James Cook University in 2018.

Nicholas Pace


Nick specialises in a wide variety of areas, including systems architecture, 3D content creation and optimisation, and real-time systems for the simulation of virtual environments. Nick's experience encompasses a range of activities, from the development of low-level systems to the creation of high-level procedural environments for Virtual Reality.

Sarah Krivan

BPsych (Hons), PhD

Sarah specialises in people, with a passion for understanding what makes us tick. She is responsible for implementing and improving initiatives in all areas of operations at TensorWorks. Her research interests include experimental design, facial emotion processing, and psychophysiological techniques. Sarah received her PhD in Psychology from James Cook University in 2020.

Consulting Team

Aaron Ross

BInfTech / BArts (Digital Design)

Aaron has worked extensively with Kubernetes to run cloud native applications in private and public cloud environments. Aaron's expertise has been developed whilst working on multiple world-first projects, showcasing his passion for implementing cutting-edge technologies in complex scenarios.

Aiden De Loryn


Aiden specialises in network and server infrastructure, and has over a decade of professional experience working with a wide variety of technologies and systems. He enjoys developing innovative software and building creative solutions to challenging problems.

Denis Phoenix

BEng Electronics / Humanities (Hons), PGDE

Denis has extensive experience in production, project management, quality assurance and product management across a wide range of industries and technologies, such as micro- and nanoelectronics design and manufacture, plasma-enhanced chemical deposition, LEAN and Agile environments, satellite and radio frequency communications, 3D engines and game development.

Eden Harris


Eden has over 10 years experience as a software developer where he has worked in game development, video streaming, and video codecs. He has a passion for low level optimizations and getting the best performance out of the software that he builds. In his spare time he enjoys programming and playing tabletop roleplaying games.

Eugene McArdle

BInfTech (Hons), PhD

Prior to joining TensorWorks, Eugene taught a wide range of university subjects in IT for over 15 years. His specialist subject areas included programming, database design, information security, operating system fundamentals, game design, and design thinking. Eugene received his PhD in Information Technology from James Cook University in 2018.

Matthew Cotton


For a little over ten years Matt worked in the games development industry where he worked with AAA studios to bring their properties to the mobile platform. Focusing on mobile tech, virtual reality and user interface development he has a passion for not only producing polished end products but also developing frictionless development environments to enable rapid development.

Michael Stopa


Michael's main area of interest is game development and game engine technology, with a particular fondness for low-level programming in C. Having previously worked in the games industry as well as nearly a decade teaching programming at university, he is always looking for new (and old) ways to make code simpler, faster, and more reliable.

Michael Wallace


With a colourful history of work, Michael has spent most of his time working in 3D. From VR experiences to educational simulations, he adores all things immersive. He also has a passion for client and customer support. With experience ranging from major corporations to small independent companies, Michael always puts positive service and creative solutions first and foremost.

Nazar Rudenko

BSc Economics

Naz has over 17 years of experience in the IT industry, building data and telephone networks. For the last decade, his main focus has been real-time communications and video streaming, particularly the WebRTC stack. He enjoys developing distributed real-time communications systems, video transcoders, and high-throughput media gateways and is always looking for a good challenge. His spare time is dedicated to the workshop, rebuilding engines and making furniture.

William Belcher

BEng Electronic Systems (Hons), BSc Data Science

Will is currently undertaking his undergraduate studies, receiving experience in a wide variety of technologies from low-level embedded systems to large scale, cloud deployed applications. In his spare time he enjoys developing web and home automation solutions with a clean, simple and unique design.

Product Development Team

Daniel Holden


Daniel comes from a strong background of web technology and has been working professionally in the industry for over a decade. He particularly enjoys working with distributed systems (microservices, etc), software architecture and games.

David MacPherson


The main focus of David's career has been IT customer service. He has over 20 years' experience working in customer service, 17 years of which was working as an IT support technician within the Queensland education system. One of his areas of interest is programming microprocessors and hardware development, and he is most happy when given plenty of time and a challenging problem.

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