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TensorWorks are the world's leading experts in Unreal Engine cloud deployments and Pixel Streaming. Supercharge your next project with our solutions to unleash the combined power of real-time game engines and cloud technologies.

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Unreal Engine Cloud Consulting

Run Unreal Engine containers for cloud deployment, CI/CD, Pixel Streaming, scientific computing and much more.

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Scalable Pixel Streaming

Seamless, automated scaling and orchestration for Unreal Engine Pixel Streaming applications deployed in the cloud.

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Admiral for Unreal Engine

Cloud-based Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) for Unreal Engine projects and plugins.

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Featured Articles

13 March 2023 Adam Rehn

Bringing full GPU support to Windows containers in Kubernetes

For the first time ever, unmodified Windows containers running in Kubernetes can now make use of full GPU acceleration, with individual device allocation, multi-tenancy settings and automatic support for all graphics APIs (including rendering, compute, and video encoding / decoding).

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11 December 2023 Daniel Holden

Launch containers faster by enabling lazy pulling on your Linux EKS nodes with Nydus

This article walks you through enabling your EKS worker nodes with Nydus snapshotter support.

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1 September 2023 Michael Wallace

Introducing the Pixel Streaming Guide video series

This post presents our new Pixel Streaming video guide series, which is designed to serve as the most up to date source of information on how to use Pixel Streaming.

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23 October 2021 Adam Rehn

Cloud-based solutions for Unreal Engine: get the white paper!

This post from the Unreal Engine blog discusses the collaboration between TensorWorks and Epic Games to enhance the cloud capabilities of the Unreal Engine, and presents a white paper that describes the official container support introduced in Unreal Engine 4.27.

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“As use cases for Pixel Streaming continue to grow, the global experts at TensorWorks are making this ultramodern technology faster and more accessible with their groundbreaking Scalable Pixel Streaming solution. We're proud to partner with TensorWorks to empower creators and engineers to deploy GPU-accelerated Pixel Streaming experiences in the cloud that scale on-demand with high availability.”

Brian Venturo

CTO and Founder at CoreWeave

“TensorWorks are the experts in building UE4 deployment pipelines, and have rapidly helped us to upgrade our existing manual practices to an automated Jenkins pipeline, which has transformed the rate at which we test and ship. The TensorWorks team are structured, diligent, very responsive and a pleasure to work with.”

Chris Adams

Chief Executive Officer at The Dream Corporation

“At Epic Games, we believe that cloud computing and technologies such as Unreal Engine's Pixel Streaming system have the power to transform how digital experiences are delivered and shared. We often receive feedback from developers that the cost and technical complexity of deploying Pixel Streaming applications at scale are the biggest obstacles hindering their adoption of the technology. The Scalable Pixel Streaming solution from TensorWorks addresses these issues and provides a simple, cost-effective way to deploy and scale Pixel Streaming applications in the cloud. Epic Games is excited to see the innovative new experiences that developers build with Unreal Engine and Scalable Pixel Streaming on AWS.”

Maurizio Sciglio

Director, Cloud Partnerships at Epic Games