Projects and Community Initiatives

Open source software projects and community initiatives sponsored by TensorWorks.

Community Initiatives

Unreal Containers community hub logo

Unreal Containers community hub

Founded in 2019, the Unreal Containers community hub aims to act as a central collection of resources for assisting and connecting developers who wish to run the Unreal Engine inside containers. In addition to providing comprehensive documentation and community-curated resources, the community hub also showcases examples of developers already deploying Unreal Engine containers for production workloads, and maintains a list of support providers who offer professional assistance in using Unreal Engine containers.

Unreal Engine For Research logo

Unreal Engine For Research

Founded in 2018, the Unreal Engine For Research project aims to act as a central hub for anyone who uses, or wishes to use, the Unreal Engine within the context of scientific research. The project provides information to educate researchers on the relevant capabilities of the Unreal Engine, a list of academic publications that cite the Engine, and resources to assist researchers in getting up and running with the Engine and integrating it with the existing tools, libraries, and programming languages they use in their research workflows.

Darwin Containers logo

Darwin Containers

Founded in 2021, the Darwin Containers initiative aims to bring native container support to the Darwin operating system for the first time. The community intends to achieve this by first implementing support in the containerd runtime, after which support can then be added to higher-level tooling such as Docker and Kubernetes. With support at each of the key layers in the container tooling ecosystem, developers will finally be able to enjoy a consistent workload deployment experience across Linux, Windows and Darwin environments.

Open Source Projects


The ue4-docker Python package contains a set of Dockerfiles and accompanying build infrastructure that allows developers to build both Windows and Linux container images for the Unreal Engine. The images also incorporate the infrastructure from the ue4cli, conan-ue4cli, and ue4-ci-helpers Python packages to facilitate a wide variety of use cases.


The ue4cli Python package implements a command-line tool called ue4 that provides a simplified interface to various functionality of the build system for the Unreal Engine. The command-line interface abstracts away the platform-specific details of the various batch files and shell scripts scattered throughout the Engine’s source tree, provides concise commands for common compilation and packaging tasks, and can also determine the correct compiler flags required to build third-party libraries in a manner that allows them to be integrated into Unreal Engine projects without encountering symbol interposition clashes.


The conan-ue4cli Python package is a plugin for ue4cli that provides functionality for generating and using Conan packages that wrap the third-party libraries bundled in the Engine/Source/ThirdParty subdirectory of the Unreal Engine 4 source tree. In addition to generating wrapper packages, conan-ue4cli can build custom-written Conan recipes to produce Unreal Engine compatible builds of third-party libraries and frameworks, and ships with a set of ready-made recipes for common and popular libraries.


The dlldiag command-line tool provides functionality to assist in identifying the DLL dependencies of an application or library and diagnosing dependency loading issues. It is primarily intended for use when migrating existing applications to Windows containers, where traditional GUI-based tools are unavailable. Identifying the minimal set of dependencies for an application facilitates a workflow where the required DLL files can be copied from the base image into the base image, thus maximising application compatibility whilst maintaining the minimum possible image size.


This plugin provides access to the GDAL/OGR C++ API inside the Unreal Engine, allowing Unreal projects and plugins to easily import and manipulate geospatial data. When paired with our free LandscapeGen plugin, users can quickly and easily generate landscapes from GIS data inside the Unreal Editor.

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