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Run Unreal Engine containers for cloud deployment, CI/CD, Pixel Streaming, scientific computing and much more.

Expertise without equal

TensorWorks are the world’s leading experts in Unreal Engine containers and Pixel Streaming, and our cutting-edge research continues to push the boundaries of the Unreal Engine’s capabilities when deployed in cloud environments.

Collectively, our team members have been responsible for:

The TensorWorks team has delivered projects for customers ranging from small game studios to large multinational corporations and governments. These projects have spanned a wide variety of use cases, including the design of automated deployment pipelines, the development of integrations for processing geospatial datasets inside the Unreal Engine, and the orchestration of complex distributed machine learning applications that deeply integrate with Unreal Engine simulations performing rendering in containers. Our team has further consolidated our expertise in the orchestration and dynamic scaling of Unreal Engine cloud workloads through the development of our own product offerings, including the Admiral Kubernetes-native CI/CD system for the Unreal Engine and the Scalable Pixel Streaming framework for automatically scaling Pixel Streaming application deployments on demand.

Services tailored to your needs

Whether you’ve just started investigating the possibilities of Unreal Engine cloud use cases or are deep into a product’s development cycle and grappling with complex technical challenges, TensorWorks can provide the world-class expertise to make your project a success. Our services range from providing detailed technical guidance and architectural direction through to exploratory research and custom open source software development. We can advise on all aspects of your Unreal Engine cloud projects across the entire technology stack, including cloud infrastructure, workload orchestration frameworks, compiler toolchains and build systems, third-party libraries and tooling, graphics APIs, network protocols, data exchange formats, machine learning models, and more. We also offer priority support and expedited bugfixes for all of the open source projects that TensorWorks sponsors.

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