Unreal Engine Cloud Consulting

Run Unreal Engine containers for cloud deployment, CI/CD, Pixel Streaming, scientific computing and much more.

What we can provide

The TensorWorks team can assist with any aspect of your Unreal Engine cloud projects, including but not limited to:

  • Building Unreal Engine containers for your use case (e.g. continuous integration, cloud rendering, microservices, scientific computing, etc.)

  • Providing bespoke Unreal Engine Pixel Streaming solutions tailored to your specific use case

  • Containerising your Unreal Engine application for scalable cloud deployments

  • Writing Dockerfiles and accompanying build pipelines tailored to your specific needs

  • Scoping and configuring cloud infrastructure for cost-effective container deployment

  • Integrating the Unreal Engine with third-party libraries and tooling, including machine learning frameworks

  • Priority support and expedited bugfixes for the ue4-docker project and its dependencies

Relevant expertise

TensorWorks co-founder and director Dr Adam Rehn is the world’s foremost expert on Unreal Engine containers, the maintainer of the Unreal Containers community hub and the Unreal Engine For Research initiative, and the creator of projects including ue4-docker, ue4cli and conan-ue4cli. Our other team members are also Unreal Engine experts with strong scientific and technical backgrounds who have been trained in the use of Unreal Engine containers.

We have delivered successful Unreal Engine cloud projects for a variety of clients, ranging in complexity from simple continuous integration (CI) systems to complex distributed machine learning applications that deeply integrate with Unreal Engine simulations performing containerised rendering. Our internal projects continue to push the boundaries of what the Unreal Engine is capable of when running in cloud environments, and our steadfast commitment to open source ensures that our tools remain robust and flexible thanks to continuous testing by the wider Unreal Engine community.

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