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13 March 2023 Adam Rehn

Bringing full GPU support to Windows containers in Kubernetes

For the first time ever, unmodified Windows containers running in Kubernetes can now make use of full GPU acceleration, with individual device allocation, multi-tenancy settings and automatic support for all graphics APIs (including rendering, compute, and video encoding / decoding).

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16 February 2022 Eugene McArdle and Aiden De Loryn

Building Windows Unreal Engine projects in a Kubernetes cluster

This article provides an overview of the efforts undertaken to add Windows support to Tekton Pipelines, thus enabling Windows builds for Unreal Engine projects in the Admiral CI/CD system.

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30 July 2021 Adam Rehn

Identifying application runtime dependencies

In this blog post, Adam presents a toolkit for identifying the runtime libraries and associated data that applications require in order to run correctly inside containers.

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20 June 2018 Adam Rehn

Idiosyncratic argument parsing behaviour in Unreal Engine 4

In this blog post, Adam discusses the non-standard command-line parsing logic present in older versions of Unreal Engine 4 and presents the fix that was subsequently merged into Unreal Engine 4.21.0.

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