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Unleash the power of real-time technology in the cloud with TensorWorks and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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TensorWorks are the world's leading experts in Unreal Engine containers and Pixel Streaming, and our cutting-edge research continues to push the boundaries of the Unreal Engine's capabilities when deployed in cloud environments. TensorWorks provides products and services that enable our customers to undertake previously infeasible projects and advance the state-of-the-art. As a member of the AWS Partner Network, our team knows how to leverage AWS infrastructure to deliver exceptional outcomes for our customers, and TensorWorks solutions powered by the AWS cloud provide a seamless and scalable experience for developers looking to stream applications globally via the cloud.

TensorWorks solutions on AWS

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Scalable Pixel Streaming

Scalable Pixel Streaming (SPS) provides automatic scaling and orchestration of Unreal Engine Pixel Streaming applications in the cloud. Deliver high-fidelity interactive experiences to any device with a web browser, and scale deployments dynamically to meet demand. SPS harnesses the power of Kubernetes via Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) to seamlessly provision AWS compute resources. Deploy and scale Pixel Streaming applications in the geographic regions you need, and use AWS Global Accelerator to load balance across multiple regions for global scale.

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Benefits of Scalable Pixel Streaming on AWS


SPS leverages the power of Kubernetes to automatically scale Pixel Streaming application deployments in response to user demand - allowing you to pay only for what you need.

Cost Effective

Linux containers provide lower resource overheads and faster spin-up times in comparison to Windows VMs, allowing you to serve more users with lower costs.


Your intellectual property is always secure when using SPS. Data is only ever streamed via WebRTC, ensuring that code and assets never leave a secure server.


AWS's global reach means that Pixel Streaming applications can be deployed anywhere AWS has a data centre, any time they are needed.


The self-healing nature of Kubernetes ensures that crashed application instances are detected immediately and replaced automatically.


The modular plugin-based architecture of SPS makes it easy for you to customise and extend the core functionality to suit your needs.


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