Geospatial Data Processing Pipelines

Supercharge your GIS data workflows with GPU acceleration, distributed processing and intelligent reporting.

What we can provide

The TensorWorks team can provide a variety of solutions to enhance geospatial data processing pipelines for both raster and vector datasets, including but not limited to:

  • Implementing GPU-accelerated versions of existing algorithms to significantly improve processing speeds

  • Integrating visualisation and simulation technologies to produce advanced analysis tools

  • Deploying data processing pipelines to the cloud for rapid and scalable throughput

  • Incorporating advanced machine learning models and data analysis algorithms to generate rich reports using the power of artificial intelligence

Relevant expertise

We have delivered a number of projects for clients in the natural resources sector that incorporate the technologies discussed above to dramatically enhance and optimise existing data processing workflows. The combination of accelerated algorithms and automation of manual processes using machine learning techniques has provided our clients with significantly improved turnaround times at reduced cost. Although our previous projects remain confidential, you can find examples of our machine learning work on the relevant page and examples of GPU acceleration in the following publications:

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