Unreal Engine Project Optimisation

Optimise your Unreal Engine project for maximum performance on the desktop or in the cloud.

What we can provide

The TensorWorks team can assist in optimising the performance of both traditional and VR projects created in the Unreal Engine. The optimisation process can be tailored to target projects that will run on client machines or on cloud servers for remote rendering and streaming. Clients running Unreal Engine applications in the cloud may also be interested in our Unreal Engine Cloud Consulting services.

Relevant expertise

Although TensorWorks is not a game development company, we have created several educational multimedia applications in the Unreal Engine, and many members of the TensorWorks team have worked on games released through our sister company 2Bit Studios. You can find examples of both traditional and VR games created in the Unreal Engine by our team members on the 2Bit Studios website. In addition to our own experience developing games and multimedia applications, our team has also provided optimisation services for the following projects developed by our clients:

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