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Press Release: TensorWorks Announces Support for AWS for Games

Posted by The TensorWorks Team on 24 March 2022

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Building Windows Unreal Engine projects in a Kubernetes cluster

Posted by Eugene McArdle and Aiden De Loryn on 16 February 2022

This article provides an overview of the efforts undertaken to add Windows support to Tekton Pipelines, thus enabling Windows builds for Unreal Engine projects in the Admiral CI/CD system.

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Identifying application runtime dependencies

Posted by Adam Rehn on 30 July 2021

In this blog post, Adam presents a toolkit for identifying the runtime libraries and associated data that applications require in order to run correctly inside containers.

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Investigation into custom Unreal Engine streaming solutions

Posted by Luke Bermingham on 22 March 2021

An investigation into the feasibility of developing plugins that stream Unreal Engine inputs and outputs via protocols other than WebRTC.

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An open architecture for scalable Pixel Streaming

Posted by Adam Rehn and Luke Bermingham on 12 February 2021

A proposal for an open, extensible and unopinionated backend architecture for deploying Pixel Streaming at scale.

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