Key technical insights and details on the latest developments from the TensorWorks team.

Pixel Streaming in Linux containers

Posted by Adam Rehn on 12 February 2020

This article announces the public availability of Linux support for the Unreal Engine's Pixel Streaming system to all Engine licensees.

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Cloud-Native Unreal Engine: Vision and Status

Posted by Adam Rehn on 15 December 2019

In this article, Adam presents his vision for a cloud-native Unreal Engine and discusses the work that he and his fellow TensorWorks team members have undertaken to help make this vision a reality.

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Idiosyncratic argument parsing behaviour in Unreal Engine 4

Posted by Adam Rehn on 20 June 2018

In this blog post, Adam discusses the non-standard command-line parsing logic present in older versions of Unreal Engine 4 and presents the fix that was subsequently merged into Unreal Engine 4.21.0.

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Building Docker images for Unreal Engine 4

Posted by Adam Rehn on 28 April 2018

This blog post discusses the issues Adam faced when first creating the open source ue4-docker project, which provides both Windows and Linux container images for the Unreal Engine. The information contained in this seminal blog post was subsequently incorporated into the comprehensive documentation section of the Unreal Containers community hub.

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Cross-platform library integration in Unreal Engine 4

Posted by Adam Rehn on 12 April 2018

In this blog post, Adam discusses the need for infrastructure to simplify the process of integrating third-party libraries into the Unreal Engine and proposes a workflow to address this need using the popular Conan package management system. This workflow subsequently provided the foundation for the open source conan-ue4cli project.

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